Become a Master of Japanese Communication!

Communicating in Japanese, "Daijobu!" (Will be all right!)

Sun Academy NIHONGO Center (SANC) is a Japanese language school for those who want to become a good Japanese communicator.
You can start communicating in Japanese quickly with three elements: Japanese, strategies, and cultural understanding.

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Three features of Sun Academy (SANC)

1. SANC Quality

Sun Academy is a Yale University accredited Japanese language school in Tokyo. Our lessons are fun, effective, and high-quality, delivered by excellent instructors. We have received high commendations from not only the learners but also from the employers of our students.

Sun Academy Japanese Lessons

2. Thorough Needs Assessment and Level-check

Sun Academy offers free consultation for all newcomers, and one trial lesson is offered without charge. We strongly believe that a thorough needs assessment and checking of the learners' Japanese level are essential for making the necessary improvement. Since our class size is small (2-5), we can respond to the learners' needs individually and thoroughly during the regular lessons.

Steps from consultation to lesson start

How to choose the most suitable Japanese class

3. Unique SANC Method

Sun Academy has been pursuing "authentic communication" for years. With the accumulated knowledge and experience, we have developed a "communication build-up method" and published a series of Japanese textbooks, entitled "Nihongo Daijobu!". This unique learning method has proven to be effective in leading the learners to their goal as fast and short period as possible. We are committed to guiding and supporting the learners through the SANC method.

Become a Master of Japanese Communication!

"Nihongo Daijobu!" series: Japanese textbooks

Lesson Movie "Nihongo Daijobu! in 5 minutes"

Let's start with a consultation! Please contact us.

Special Japanese Programs

Summer Program for Yale University Students

Japanese Program for Corporate Training

Sun Academy offers intensive Japanese programs specialized for company employees or university students, which curriculums are designed to suit their respective purposes.

Inquiry and Consultation Application

"Nihongo Daijobu!": Japanese textbooks

"Nihongo Daijobu!" series are the basic-level Japanese textbooks designed for optimum language learning which Sun Academy has developed.

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『SELF-CHECK』 Exercises

Worksheets for exercises and reviews of "Nihongo Daijobu!" are available.

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Our actions against COVID-19

We offer both face-to-face and online lessons considering the situation of COVID-19 and requests from learners.

For the classroom lessons, we are committed to keeping the school environment clean and safe. We do the following:

1. Wash hands thoroughly and wear facial masks

2. Monitor closely the health conditions of our staff/instructors

3. Use hand sanitizer before entering the classrooms

4. Keep social distancing in class and ventilate the classrooms regularly

5. Sanitize classroom equipment thoroughly between lessons

We have registrated and gotten a COVID-19 safety sticker issued by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

INFORMATION: "Point-and-Speak YUBISASHI for COVID-19" by Joho Center Publishing Co., Ltd. is available. It contains COVID-19 Phrases in 19 languages and you can download it for free.