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Sun Academy Japanese Lessons

Regular Class Lessons

Based on Sun Academy philosophy, we offer Japanese classes with the aim of developing communication skills, which consist of three elements of Japanese skills, communication strategies and cross cultural understanding. For the effective improvement of those skills, Sun Academy classes are conducted in our new method "The Task Based Approach" by experienced and quality teachers. Our new approach will allow learners to communicate in Japanese at a high level while learning grammar and vocabulary naturally.

Basic Japanese Class

Basic A

Basic B

Lower-Intermediate Japanese Class

Lower-Intermediate A

Lower-Intermediate B

Intermediate Japanese Class

Intermediate A

Intermediate B

Advanced Japanese Class

Advanced Japanese

Japanese Class for Specific Objectives

Business Japanese

Kangaroo -Japanese For Mothers/Fathers-


Custom-Designed Lessons (Private lessons)

Depending on the learners' purpose and study style, we offer curriculum designed and tailored to meet each individuals' needs by trained and experienced professional teachers.

Curriculums and schedules shall be arranged in accordance with learners' needs before the lessons commence. Learners can select lesson style and lesson hour as well.

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Culture Class Lessons

Sun Academy Culture Classes provide an opportunity to learn the Japanese language and the culture of Japanese at the same time.

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Special Japanese Programs

Summer Program for Yale University Students

This program is a 2-month summer intensive program for the students of Yale University (US). Sun Academy is a Yale University accredited Japanese language school in Tokyo for the Light Fellowship Students from Yale University. 155 Yale students have compeleted this program from 2006 to 2020.

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Japanese Program for Corporate Training

This program is an intensive Japaense training program for foreign employees or trainees who work in Japan or work for Japanese companies. The training objectives and periods of Japanese study are various. Sun Academy designs the most suitable curriculum for each training purpose and offers the lessons effectively and practically.

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